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If you sell products or provide services to the energy sector and are looking for technical content that would help you increase your sales, look no further! You’ve come to the right place.




Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts and Industry News

These are used for attracting targeted visitors to your website and making them your regular readers, some of whom become your customers afterwards.

Press Releases

Press releases help you announce the release of a new product and instantly get it in front of as many potential customers as possible thus effectively increasing sales.

Product and Service Descriptions

Product descriptions are for supplying your potential customers with details about the advantages of your product and explaining to them why it is worth buying.

Case Studies

Case studies tell your potential customers how your product has helped someone in real life which builds their trust in your product and makes this kind of content a great sales generating tool.

White Papers

White papers turn people who do not know much about your new product into confident buyers who make an informed choice and rush to your shop specifically for buying rather than for window-shopping.

Procedures, Manuals, Instructions, How-To Guides

These are purely technical documents especially necessary if you sell equipment, instruments, tools, or materials — they tell your customer exactly how to use your product in a safe manner.

If you take a closer look, you can see that most of the above kinds of content (except for instructional documents) are intended for one purpose only — to persuade the reader to buy your product, which is what I am going to help you with.


Most technical experts — engineers, developers, scientists —write reasonably well, but the problem is they are only comfortable when writing for other technical experts in their field who can understand their technical jargon and technologies behind it. However, most technical documents are written for a completely different audience, the consumers, who do not know much about the operating principles of the product they are going to use.

Technical writers translate your professional jargon into the simpler language of your potential customers and find better words to persuade them to purchase your product.


energy writing services - nrgwriter.comOil & Gas Engineering Expertise

I have worked as a geophysical engineer with Fugro Survey, Gardline Geosurvey, Reservoir Exploration Technology, and other survey companies for a total of 15 years. I have taken part in their projects for British Petroleum, Shell, Chevron, and other major oil companies famous for their strict HR policies and standards.

Technical Documentation Expertise

I have been freelancing as a technical translator since 2006 and as a content writer since 2016. I have worked with Literra, Ego Translating, TechInput, TLS, DataBridge, and other translation agencies and taken part in their large-scale projects for ExxonMobil, Shell, Nord Stream, Linde Engineering, Lukoil, Rosneft, Uranium One.

Compliance with Your Project Terms and Conditions

Before starting to work on your project, I will make sure that all your requirements are clear. I recognize the uniqueness of each order I receive from my customers and deal with it accordingly. The customer is always right.

Flat Rate

My rates are not the lowest ones on the market, but I guarantee the best value for the money without wasting your time or charging any hidden costs. You always get a price quote per project — not per hour or per word, which means it is easier for you to plan your budget in advance.

Long-Term Cooperation and Support

I always aim at mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with all my customers. I will provide full support to you after our project is over.



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