Offshore Geophysical Engineer (Job Ad Writing Sample)

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Offshore Geophysical Survey Engineer




$36,000 per annum + bonus

Start Date



Electronics, Engineering, Geophysics, Hydrography


2+ years of offshore geophysical data acquisition experience


BSc in Electronics, Geophysics, Surveying, Hydrography, or equivalent




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Job Description

The Offshore Geophysical Survey Engineer is responsible for the operation, mobilization, maintenance, testing, and calibration of onboard geophysical equipment. They are to ensure that all geophysical equipment is kept in a fully serviceable condition at all times. This role requires extensive training in the operation and maintenance of industry-leading geophysical data acquisition and QC software, equipment, workflows, and practices.

Duties and Responsibilities of Offshore Geophysical Survey Engineer

The Offshore Geophysical Survey Engineer

  • ensures high-quality offshore geophysical data acquisition onboard survey vessels
  • provides scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, termination, testing, and calibration of onboard geophysical equipment such as towed streamers, ocean-bottom cables and nodes (OBC/OBN), birds, air guns, side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers (boomers, sparkers, pingers, chirps)
  • assists in the mobilization and demobilization of geophysical, hydrographic, geotechnical, and environmental equipment
  • communicates with Shift Leader Engineer, Technical Coordinator, Surveyors, Gun Mechanics, Party Chief regarding all operational and technical issues as required

Qualifications and Experience

Offshore Geophysical Survey Engineer should have the following minimum qualifications/experience:

  • BSc in Electronics or Geophysics or equivalent
  • two or more years of experience in offshore geophysical or hydrographic surveys
  • proficiency in the operation and maintenance of geophysical survey software and equipment such as Sercel Seal, MSX, and NTRS-2 streamers; GCS90 and HotShot gun controllers; DigiCourse birds; EdgeTech and Klein side scan sonars; Applied Acoustic sub-bottom profilers
  • excellent computer skills (Linux/Unix, MS Windows, networking)


  • offshore survival training certificate (OPITO’s BOSIET or equivalent)
  • offshore medical certificate (UKOOA or equivalent)

Skills and Strengths

  • strong electronics engineering skills, as well as numerical and analytical skills
  • problem-solving attitude
  • strong communication skills and team playing abilities
  • ability to work unsupervised and under pressure in demanding working environments
  • fast learning ability and flexibility
  • high organizational skills (ability to prioritize and manage workloads)
  • strong report writing skills
  • willingness to travel and work offshore for extended periods of time
  • high attention to detail

How to Apply

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for this position. This job description is not a job ad — it is only a technical writing sample.

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